Camino update travel 2: Pamplona to Burgos

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When I reached Burgos yesterday around 3pm I was so pleased as it signalled my 2nd rest day which is much needed after so many days of walking. So my last post ended in Pamplona as I was finishing my 1st rest day after 3 hard days of walking from St Jean pied de port. Let’s pick up from there. Continue reading “Camino update travel 2: Pamplona to Burgos”


Camino update 2: Are you walking alone? We all walk our own Camino.

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My 2nd rest day finally found me and I’m so grateful! It feels a long time since my last one in Pamplona and I have certainly walked quite a few kilometres since then and seen many villages, towns and am now in my 3rd city so far. There are 2 titles to this post as they have kept coming up in conversation and in my thoughts during this past stretch so both warrant a mention. 

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Travelling minimally or is it intentionally?

Since the end of October, I’ve been travelling around Europe for 6 months with a couple of stops in the UK where I’ve had the chance to pack my luggage again. I’ve already posted about my minimalism challenge whilst travelling during my first 3 months away when I visited Netherlands, Scandinavia, Luxembourg and Belgium. Those posts were posted on both and so I won’t repost again, however I wanted to provide an update for those wishing to know how it all progressed. 
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My 30 day social media detox

Having listened to podcasts and read articles, where the benefits of taking a 30 day social media detox were extolled, I decided to do my own. I’m not that visible on social media to be honest as I only have accounts on Twitter, however I do often find myself getting lost on You Tube as I go from one clip to the next ad can find myself 1 hour or so later still hunched over my phone. As I’m travelling, my concern was that instead of talking to people and spending as much time as I could out and about, I was in fact losing precious time to Twitter and You Tube. After 15 days I have adapted the challenge and here’s why! Continue reading “My 30 day social media detox”

Last night a man opened my hotel door

Last night a man opened my hotel room door whilst I was sitting up in bed. Luckily, he realised his mistake, looked as shocked as I’m sure I did and when I told to shut the door, he did. Once I got over my shock, I made sure the door was shut and had made the locking noise and jammed the door handle with an assortment of chairs, and luggage handles. Then I hoped I would be safe until morning. I was, however I’m also conscious of how that could have been so different.  
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Camino update travel 1: St Jean pied de port to Pamplona

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My Camino has finally begun and I completed stage 3 yesterday on arrival in Pamplona. I’m having today as my first rest day, much needed and well deserved after 3 days of walking and feet which are hurt, blistered and raw. 

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Camino de Santiago update 1: open and gratitude

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So my Camino has begun and I have completed close to 50 miles in length over 3 days. I’m currently on my well deserved rest day in Pamplona and thought now is a good time to update my journey. 

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