Camino update 8: A Buddhist does the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a journey I have been called to do for years now, prior to becoming a Buddhist and also since choosing Buddhism as my path. In fact, the calls have become more frequent over the last 20 years which proved to me that it is a journey open to all irrelevant of all those labels we or others like to bestow on us.

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Called to the Camino

Today marks a year since I started my Camino journey. I decided as a way of celebrating, that I would re-post the entries I made on the 2 other blogs last year and The Camino was after all a big part of my 40 countries in my 40s challenge even though it only added 2 countries! It was also a journey in itself which you will find out if you haven’t read the entries before. 

Have you been called to the Camino?

When the Camino de Santiago (Pilgrimage of Compostela) is ready, it will call you! It does this by appearing in books you are reading and you will find yourself in conversations with people who have done the Camino or are wanting to do it. It also calls you by giving you the idea of wanting to do a long reflective walk which some of you may already view as a Pilgrimage. The Camino has been calling me in many ways for years and I decided that 2018 would have to be the year I say a resounding YES to the call and start organising it as the calls were increasing. Continue reading “Called to the Camino”