Camino update 5: Ponferrada to Sarria

This was posted a year ago on as part of my Camino journey. 

I’m sitting in my room in Melide not on a rest day but I find myself with time before dinner and wanted to post before Santiago. I think it’s right to break up the last parts rather than writing about it in one go. If you’re looking more for what the Camino can offer you personally then check out my other posts on which I will update soon.

I can’t believe I will be in Santiago on Friday which is maybe why I wish to go back and write about the past few days.

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Camino update 4: Leon to Ponferrada

This was posted on this day last year on as part of my Camino journey.

Today is my last rest day before I arrive in Santiago on the 18th May so I hope to post before Santiago. Over the past few days I have wanted to post especially when the walk or the place was particularly worth mentioning however no doubt sleep won in the end.

If you’re looking for posts more about what the Camino can offer you personally rather than travel updates then please check out as I have just posted the latest update there.

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