Camino update 4: We are so lucky

This was posted originally on this day last year as part of my Camino journey. 

Well I’m now in Pontferrada enjoying my last rest day ahead of Santiago. For the next 11 days I will be walking closer and closer to Santiago with a changing amount of kilometres, terrain and incline each day.

If you have come to this post for the travel aspect of the Camino Frances then please go to which I will update after this one. The travel one will cover Leon to Pontferrada.

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Camino update 4: Leon to Ponferrada

This was posted on this day last year on as part of my Camino journey.

Today is my last rest day before I arrive in Santiago on the 18th May so I hope to post before Santiago. Over the past few days I have wanted to post especially when the walk or the place was particularly worth mentioning however no doubt sleep won in the end.

If you’re looking for posts more about what the Camino can offer you personally rather than travel updates then please check out as I have just posted the latest update there.

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Camino update travel 3: Burgos to Leon

This was originally posted on a year ago today. 

I love rest days! This is my 3rd one so far and I am typing this from a room in Leon. 

So Burgos to Leon has taken me 9 days of walking although some will do it in less and others more depending on the routes taken and the amount of kilometres pilgrims wish to walk each day. For me, it’s not a race, I have nothing to prove and I also have the luxury of not having to rush back to work whilst others only have a set time. I also like to stop, breathe, take photos, chat with people along the way, notice the mountains to my right or left or sometimes all around me and due to blisters and raw ankles I’ve also had to walk slow for the past 2 or 3 weeks. We all walk our own Camino so this is my story and yours can be whatever you want it to be. Isn’t that wonderful!

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Camino update 3: Trust

This was originally posted on a year ago today. 

Well this is my 3rd rest day and am typing this from a room in Leon. Ok so trust! Hmm this was an interesting insight for me maybe from day 1 on the walk from St Jean Pied de Port to Burguete but especially on days 2 and 3 into Zubiri and Pamplona. Now, people who know me will be wondering about this trust insight as I’m normally a trusting person in both situations and people which is why this also caught me off guard.

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Camino update travel 2: Pamplona to Burgos

This was posted originally a year ago on 

When I reached Burgos yesterday around 3pm I was so pleased as it signalled my 2nd rest day which is much needed after so many days of walking. So my last post ended in Pamplona as I was finishing my 1st rest day after 3 hard days of walking from St Jean pied de port. Let’s pick up from there. Continue reading “Camino update travel 2: Pamplona to Burgos”

Camino update 2: Are you walking alone? We all walk our own Camino.

This was posted originally a year ago on

My 2nd rest day finally found me and I’m so grateful! It feels a long time since my last one in Pamplona and I have certainly walked quite a few kilometres since then and seen many villages, towns and am now in my 3rd city so far. There are 2 titles to this post as they have kept coming up in conversation and in my thoughts during this past stretch so both warrant a mention. 

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Camino update travel 1: St Jean pied de port to Pamplona

This was posted a year ago today on 

My Camino has finally begun and I completed stage 3 yesterday on arrival in Pamplona. I’m having today as my first rest day, much needed and well deserved after 3 days of walking and feet which are hurt, blistered and raw. 

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Camino de Santiago update 1: open and gratitude

This was posted originally on a year ago today. 

So my Camino has begun and I have completed close to 50 miles in length over 3 days. I’m currently on my well deserved rest day in Pamplona and thought now is a good time to update my journey. 

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