Travel update on my challenge

I wrote recently about my challenge and counted how many countries I’d visited so far in my 40s, how many this year and new countries. Since writing that post, ┬ámy year ended on 22nd April ahead of my birthday on the 23rd so now I can update my travels and add more to my challenge. Continue reading “Travel update on my challenge”

My 45 travel learnings so far

Recently, I shared 45 of my life learnings so far when I turned 45 last month. A lot of the rings which came to mind were also linked to travel so I decided to do a special travel one. Travel has been a big part of my 45 years even when I wasn’t able to travel, I was learning languages, reading books set abroad and also learning capitals when I was younger and getting others to test me. Continue reading “My 45 travel learnings so far”

My 30 day social media detox

Having listened to podcasts and read articles, where the benefits of taking a 30 day social media detox were extolled, I decided to do my own. I’m not that visible on social media to be honest as I only have accounts on Twitter, however I do often find myself getting lost on You Tube as I go from one clip to the next ad can find myself 1 hour or so later still hunched over my phone. As I’m travelling, my concern was that instead of talking to people and spending as much time as I could out and about, I was in fact losing precious time to Twitter and You Tube. After 15 days I have adapted the challenge and here’s why! Continue reading “My 30 day social media detox”