1st August 2012

Alison Laycock

Although this was an experience outside of my 40 countries in my 40s challenge , it is one which has influenced all my travels since without me really realising the full extent to how it has impacted me if I’m honest. Recently, I have noticed subtle changes in me and I have started to wonder if my natural responses to this incident made my body respond to situations in a particular way which I’m now seeing is no longer happening. Maybe 7 years on, I’m finally leaving it behind. I hope so! 

The 1st August is one of those dates I remember every year but unlike birthdays or anniversaries of great experiences it doesn’t have happy memories. Instead, I remember it as a day I could have been killed by bandits in Cameroon. 

I won’t add photos to this post and I won’t name the area we were in as really this could have happened anywhere. You can read it simply as a travel story or take it as advice for your travels, it is entirely up to you. 

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