Sharing The Scenic Sights Of St Helena Island

St Helena is one of the countries which features throughout my 40 countries in my 40s challenge so although it wasn’t my first country and it won’t be my last, it still features strongly because I lived and worked there for 3 years between 2014 and 2017. I have been asked to write about St Helena as I have done for some of the other countries in this challenge. However, I leave that to Sharon Henry who wrote this post for and I’m posting it here as it is still very relevant. There are more details below about Sharon and her blog and app.  

Sharon Henry (Guest Contributor)

After a solid hour of hiking I find myself peering over the edge of a 494 metre cliff that makes the backs of my knees tingle.  Atlantic trade winds whip my hair but I stay put, hypnotised by the waves crashing below, the distant roar producing that seashell sound.  It’s fascinating and the height perspective makes me feel like I’m up in a crow’s nest, looking out over the vast ocean until it merges with the sky. Continue reading “Sharing The Scenic Sights Of St Helena Island”

45 of my travel learnings so far

Recently, I shared 45 of my life learnings so far when I turned 45 in April. A lot of the things which came to mind were also linked to travel so I decided to do a special travel one. Travel has been a big part of my 45 years even when I wasn’t able to travel, I was learning languages, reading books set abroad and also learning capitals when I was younger and getting others to test me. Continue reading “45 of my travel learnings so far”

Camino update 8: A Buddhist does the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a journey I have been called to do for years now, prior to becoming a Buddhist and also since choosing Buddhism as my path. In fact, the calls have become more frequent over the last 20 years which proved to me that it is a journey open to all irrelevant of all those labels we or others like to bestow on us.

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Camino update 11: Cee to Finisterre

This was posted in June last year but I actually made my walk to Finisterre and my Camino ended on 23rd May, a very poignant day for me and it was lovely to do something so productive. 

As I woke up in Cee, I could already feel my body was more relaxed than other days and that’s no doubt due to knowing that this was the day I would end my pilgrimage in Finisterre.

I took my time eating breakfast and getting ready to start walking as after all I only had 12km left before I reached Finisterre. After that there would be a 6.4km round trip to the lighthouse awaiting me.

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Camino update 10: Olveiroa to Cee

Last year this posted in June despite the actual day being the 22nd May. It just took me a while to write and post it as I simply didn’t want to accept that my Camino was coming to an end. 

I have looked forward to this post from the day I did this walk as it is certainly one of my favourites on the Camino.

If you’re looking more for posts on what the Camino can do for you personally then please read my posts on our other blog which will be updated shortly.

For now, please read on for my personal views on my Camino.

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Camino update 9: Negreira to Olveiroa

This was posted last year much later than it happened. This time I’m posting it on the 21st May which is the date I made this walk last year.

Just as this long stretch took me closer to the end of my pilgrimage at Finisterre, this post brings me closer to my final Camino travel post. Well for this Camino anyway!

Read on for my view of my Camino.

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Camino update 8: Santiago to Negreira

This was posted last year much later than the day it happened as I couldn’t bring myself to write it and acknowledge that the Camino was finished. This year I’m posting it on May 20th which is the date it took place on last year. 

I am writing this post over a month after having completed the Camino but as with the last post, everything is as though it was yesterday. I have no doubt delayed this post as it is close to the final one and then I will have to admit that it is over in the physical sense. I had planned to write the whole walk in one post, however as I was typing away I realised that the post would be too long that way as there was so much to say and I was still only on the first day.

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Camino update 7: Rua to Santiago

My walk into Santiago was on 18th May last year, however when I originally wrote this it was weeks later.

I set off from Rua the morning of 18th May so I’m aware that I’m writing this weeks later on 10th June. Despite that gap, I know that I haven’t forgotten a single minute of that walk. Setting off I knew that I would end my walk to Santiago that day rather than just getting closer.

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Camino update 7: Yes, now I’m a Proclaimer!

This was originally posted on on 10th June however this time I’m posting it on the 18th May which is when I arrived in Santiago last year. 

This is indeed how I talk to people about my Camino. I’m a Proclaimer and if you grew up listening to the group ‘the Proclaimers’ as I did then you will of course know I’m talking about their song ‘I’m gonna be’. I often found myself walking along singing ‘but I would walk 500 miles’ however I didn’t add in the next line ‘And I would walk 500 more’ as I’m happy to leave that for the medieval pilgrims and any other modern ones who wish to walk both ways.

So yes, now that I’ve walked to Santiago from St Jean Pied de Port and have the certificate to prove it I can say quite honestly that as well as being a pilgrim, I am also a Proclaimer!

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Camino update 6: Pilgrims are still humans

This post was originally posted on on this day last year as part of my Camino journey. 

I am now in Rua with just one more night before walking into Santiago. I’m sure that once I reach Santiago there are many more posts to be written so let’s get this one finished beforehand.

If you’re looking for more travel updates then please check out those written for

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