Travel update on my challenge

I wrote recently about my challenge and counted how many countries I’d visited so far in my 40s, how many this year and new countries. Since writing that post,  my year ended on 22nd April ahead of my birthday on the 23rd so now I can update my travels and add more to my challenge.

 44-45: I went to: Spain which I’m counting again as I was in a different place on the Camino at the end of my birthday and walked through many more towns and villages before I finished on May 23rd. I returned to England and then went to Rome (Italy) and visited Vatican city which also counts as the smallest country in the world. Then back to England and a couple of holidays in different parts of Wales. A few more places in England and then I started travelling around Europe which consisted of 8 cities in the Netherlands which I’m not sure how I will count it however for now it will be one country. From there to Denmark, to Sweden, Norway, back to Sweden where I visited 3 cities, to Luxembourg and then to Belgium,where I visited 3 cities. Then I returned to England and various cities were visited before I headed back to Brussels (Belgium), to Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Innsbruck (Austria), Vaduz(Liechtenstein) and back to England. Then back out to Paris (France), Venice (Italy), Zagreb (Croatia), Split (Croatia) and Dubrovnik (Croatia) where I ended my 44th year. Total =  19 

45 – 46: So, I started my birthday in Dubrovnik (Croatia) and was fortunate enough to continue my travels after the end of April. Firstly, to Kotor (Montenegro) then Podgorica     (Montenegro), on to Tirana (Albania), Skopje (Macedonia), Pristina (Kosovo), Sofia (Bulgaria), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and back to Paris (France). Then the journey back to England where I visited 6 cities before heading for Scotland where I visited Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, John O’Groats, Orkney, Perth and Glasgow. Then I reminisced in the North East of England in Berwick Upon Tweed, Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham before returning to Chester which is where I am writing this post.  Total so far = 12 (original = 9)

This means that Scotland became my 36th original country visited in my 40s so far. I’m off to Wales now for 3 weeks so am sure I’ll visit more cities which won’t count as I have already visited Wales in my 40s.

There are individual posts of the places I’ve visited that I still need to update so they will come soon. I’m not sure where the next few months will lead me after Wales but I’m sure I’ll be traveling more before April 22nd 2020.

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