Camino update 9: Negreira to Olveiroa

This was posted last year much later than it happened. This time I’m posting it on the 21st May which is the date I made this walk last year.

Just as this long stretch took me closer to the end of my pilgrimage at Finisterre, this post brings me closer to my final Camino travel post. Well for this Camino anyway!

Read on for my view of my Camino.

Negreira to Olveiroa is 33.3km (20.7miles) which had seemed a good idea when I planned this day months ahead. However, once other pilgrims started telling me the day before how they were either dividing that stage into two or were skipping ahead for part of it so that they would only do 20km or so, I decided to reassess. The first 10km is walking up inclines so that helped me make my decision of skipping ahead to Vilaserio which would leave me with close to 22km to do.

Setting off from Vilaserio was lovely as at around 8.30am the fog was still lingering which added a coolness to the start of the day. It was also great to walk without others along the way and as I looked ahead and behind me there was no-one else around.

The walk is a beautiful one walking up high through woods and along the sides of fields and going through small hamlets. After the previous day being interrupted by tourists in buses, I could feel my mood changing along this walk as there were many opportunities for reflection. I bumped into other pilgrims along the way and there was opportunity for chatting if I wanted to, however my usual pattern of walking one day with others and then naturally having the next day to myself continued.

The best part of this route is maybe the fact that you know you have reached halfway to your destination already which is tremendously uplifting.

After several hamlets you arrive at Ponte Olveira which brings you along the main road for the walk into Olveiroa 2km on. Crossing the bridge I was able to stop for a moment of reflection before traffic came both ways making space important to find.

As I walked along I did start to think I had maybe not turned off where I should have as the walk seemed to go on too long which is important at the end of a long day of walking. I needn’t have worried really as there was a lovely sign at the start of the village to reassure me I was in the right place.

This is a village said to have more horreos than people and there were certainly a few which grabbed my attention as I walked along to my accommodation which was at the end of the village.

This stage of the Camino prepares you for the changing landscape to come in the next days, as along this stage you see so many different landscapes and lifestyles around the villages and hamlets.

My next entry will take us to Cee and indeed the sea. Until then Buen Camino!

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