Camino update 8: Santiago to Negreira

This was posted last year much later than the day it happened as I couldn’t bring myself to write it and acknowledge that the Camino was finished. This year I’m posting it on May 20th which is the date it took place on last year. 

I am writing this post over a month after having completed the Camino but as with the last post, everything is as though it was yesterday. I have no doubt delayed this post as it is close to the final one and then I will have to admit that it is over in the physical sense. I had planned to write the whole walk in one post, however as I was typing away I realised that the post would be too long that way as there was so much to say and I was still only on the first day.

I set off from Santiago on the morning of the 20th May ready for the 1st part of my walk to Finisterre. I set off early knowing that there was a steep climb of 3.4km at Aguapesada and the heat of the day wouldn’t be far away.

Starting the walk from Santiago rather than aiming to finish there was an interesting feeling, however as I had always planned for my pilgrimage to end in Finisterre, I was ready to get walking. None of the pilgrims I had previously walked with were continuing so this felt like a whole new experience.

On the path where the route to Finisterre and Muxia starts, there is a kilometre marker and what a relief it is to see less than 90kms to go.

The path soon leads into woodlands leading up and away from the city allowing the sound of silence to once again take over my walk. A quick look back and you get a lovely view of the cathedral and city.

In the days leading up to this walk, those who weren’t continuing kept telling me how lucky I was as once again I would be able to walk free of crowds and pilgrims jostling for space along the path. Unfortunately, the first day was invaded by tourists who were dropped off to do part of the walk knowing that there was a bus to collect them along the way. This meant that any peace and quiet was covered by their loud talking as they were simply there to noisily chat and call out to each other rather than take part in a reflective walk. Where was this so called less popular stage of the Camino I asked myself.

It wasn’t long after the steep hill that the tourists started to find their bus and were driven off to lunch somewhere. This is where the path leads you gently down towards Ponte Maceira passing some small hamlets along the way.

I stopped for lunch at a cafe overlooking the river Tambre which was lovely and peaceful. Some took advantage of a beautiful day combined with being able to get down to the river’s edge and bathed their feet in the river. The 13th century bridge across the river provides the opportunity to take lots of picturesque photos and to enjoy the walk.

The walk from here to Negreira has many other beautiful views, however in the heat the temptation is to want to arrive at your destination. Therefore it is disappointing to see a steep path in front of you leading into Negreira!

From Negreira, my 2nd day took me to Olveiroa and many more beautiful views. I’m glad I decided to break this down into stages!

Until the next update Buen camino!

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