Camino update 4: We are so lucky

This was posted originally on this day last year as part of my Camino journey. 

Well I’m now in Pontferrada enjoying my last rest day ahead of Santiago. For the next 11 days I will be walking closer and closer to Santiago with a changing amount of kilometres, terrain and incline each day.

If you have come to this post for the travel aspect of the Camino Frances then please go to which I will update after this one. The travel one will cover Leon to Pontferrada.

We are so lucky and Aren’t we lucky have been statements I have said many times during my Camino and have heard others say too. There is absolutely no denying it, we are so lucky in many ways.

It can work as a statement of fact and also as a way of encouraging ourselves through the hard parts of the walk. We must remember how lucky we are.

We have the most amazing and beautiful scenery to look at: whether we are followed or pulled by mountains in the distance or get to walk through vineyards, we always have something good to look at. It’s not just in the landscapes but also the churches, buildings and relics we see along the way.

We receive and share wonderful acts of kindness: I am yet to find a pilgrim who doesn’t have a story of kindness from either another pilgrim or Spanish locals. Many times, we are helped with directions especially if we are about to go the wrong way or a longer way when a shortcut is available. “Don’t go over the bridge, just skip across the tracks ” A kind local told us.

We are able to spend this time walking and allow ourselves time to think: this in itself is a great thing because when else is this possible for any of us back in our normal lives. To put ourselves first for this length of time and to concentrate on who we are and who we want to be is a wonderful gift.

We are able to walk the Camino: for some it seems to be a competition and they will ask how long have you been walking for? Where did you start? Are you carrying your own bag? Where are you staying? Where are you going to? However these questions are unnecessary as we all walk our own Camino and we all do so differently. Simply to be here and be able to walk makes us lucky in itself. I do feel lucky to be doing it all in one go as for me that has helped the thinking process and I’ve gained insights I may not have gained through walking it in stages and then returning home to then return another year.

We meet people we may not normally meet: this is a great part of the Camino as we walk with people of different nationalities and different beliefs to us. This can only enrich us now and in the future.

We get to let go of our burdens: there is something magical in walking for so many miles from wherever you have started, thinking about your life so far and maybe your regrets and wishes and then you arrive at Cruz Ferro and you get to leave them behind. From there you can walk through to Santiago thinking of the future rather than the past.

There are of course many other ways in which we are lucky along the Camino and I’m sure each pilgrim finds their own ways.

Tomorrow I start my walk towards the region of Galicia and the mountains. As Santiago is my next and final rest day, I will try to post before then as Santiago will no doubt bring its own special post.

Until then Buen Camino!

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