The Journey Begins: 40 countries in my 40s. Welcome to my new blog

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


When I turned 40, 4 close to 5 years ago now, I was so excited to leave my 30s behind. They had been a decade of grief and loss, love and the end of relationships but also near the end of my 30s, there was some joy when my travel plans came about and I started to look forward. I decided to challenge myself for my 40s and after some thought, the challenge became the idea of visiting 40 countries during my 40s and I had a special trip to start in style. 

I haven’t found many blogs for women of my age in terms of travelling and mostly solo travel or travelling to achieve a dream. When I was discussing this with friends and fellow bloggers on my other sites, their response was consistent ‘well why don’t you write what you want to read?’. 

Up until now, I’ve resisted writing my own blog and have instead written for 2 other blogs and My Camino journey was included on both blogs as have my current posts about how I am travelling for 2 and soon to be 3 months around Netherlands, Scandinavia and a couple more countries will be added on before I finish. 

So 40 countries in my 40s is my aim and as I’m already 5 years in, I will have to post about past travels as well as current ones, however at the moment I’m not sure how that will look. I’ll figure it out as I go but please join me in this journey and see how I do. I’ll post about countries, travels, thoughts, issues, tips and much much more and of course I’ll share the photos with you. 


The photo above is the logo for the blog at the moment as I know that no matter where I go on my travels, the common theme throughout will no doubt be cafés where I can  relax and people watch. 

I haven’t told many people about this challenge as when I first did share it with others, some people responded negatively. I’ll never forget one woman who didn’t know me at all, didn’t know my circumstances or anything about anything to do with me or my challenge responded immediately with ‘well you’ll clearly never do that, that would be too expensive’. Well luckily my response to negativity is to respond with a positive and travel will always be that positive answer.

If anyone else is travelling or would like to share their challenge then please get in touch.

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